Essential Oils


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Standing in the middle of the lavender fields in Mona, Utah and watching the distillery at work.

A few years ago our family was having several health challenges and I was looking for ways to support and improve our health. I began by trying to remove toxins from our home by removing plug ins and aerosol air fresheners. I then began to change our cleaners and stopped using dryer sheets as well as began cleaning with vinegar. I noticed a huge change in the amount of headaches and respiratory issues I was having. I had a new baby and a small child at the time and my little one had many food and environmental allergies. After doing some research I found many of the natural and organic products we had in our home contained soy…one of his top allergens. So I began to make my own creams, soaps, and other items using coconut oil and Young Living Essential Oil. I was linked to them by a good friend, a mother and mental health provider, I trusted her and her recommendations, so glad I did. Essential oils have changed the way we live, have opened my eyes to a different way of life, less toxins, more nature. The oils worked so well that our family took a trip to the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah. There are so many essential oil companies now but how many companies own their own farms and have an open door policy allowing the community to visit, ask a million questions, and take lots and lots of pictures? After visiting the farm for the first time, speaking to the farm workers, and seeing the seed to seal process, we knew that we had to tell the world about these awesome oils.

We started by purchasing our Premium Starter Kit. It’s a one time purchase that makes you a wholesale member so you get all of your oils at wholesale price. It’s the best way to get started. You get a diffuser and eleven oils, along with literature and samples. You also become part of a community. I have an online group where I post educational pictures and videos in English and Spanish. I also teach small classes all about using essential oils for health and wellness and switching out chemical cleaners for less toxic alternatives.


Desert Mist Premium Starter Kit, isn’t the diffuser beautiful? 

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