Side Hustlers Unite!


The “side hustle” is big right now, with the cost of living, childcare, healthcare, and student loans, it’s no wonder. The side hustle is nothing new though. Many of us went to college, or prom, or spent summers with our grandparents because our parents had a side hustle. My dad was a janitor at night and also had small offices and banks he cleaned on the side, he later expanded to also doing yard work. He did that so that he could be home during the day for school pick up. He never really slept, just napped. My mom worked in a clothing factory, she was the supervisor and worked six days a week from 7am until 6pm. She is known for her bomb ass birria so she would make it for huge parties, Quinceañeras, weddings, bautizos. Many of our parents had side hustles and taught us that there should be no shame in working hard and grinding.  We grew up helping my dad’s side business, cleaning toilets, emptying out trash, mopping, whatever we could do, honestly I just wanted to hang out with him so I know I was more of an estorbo than help but I appreciate him taking us and teaching us the value of hard work.

Are you looking for a side hustle? Here are some ideas:

Identify your strengths. Are you talented in the kitchen? Great with kids? Speak five languages? Sing? Do great hair? Are awesome at graphic design? Use your talents and get that money.

Find a need and fill it. Look around, in your community, in your circles, or in your home. What’s that saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.” I found a need but haven’t been able to fill… yet. An ice cream type truck that rolls through around prime time television time, after kids are in bed,  but instead of ice cream sell TAPAS?!  I would be waiting for it, drink in hand, and would throw my chanclas off to run for it too. If someone wants to get on that, that would be great. Come though LA County please!

Learn from people that are doing what you want to do. Follow them on social media, hit up YouTube University, check out some books at the library.

Talk to people. Network. Connect.

If you have a side hustle please share what it is. If you know a hustler that we all need to know about please share too. Show your love and your support to your local side hustlers. Suerte!